Saturday, March 1, 2008

Xbox 360 Users Buzz Off The Slam Once Again

Last Nox I used Live search to total up more than than data on a La manner xbox360 news.. And this is one of the go-ahead results :

Last Nox I used Live lookup to come up more than information on a la mode xbox360 news.. And this is one of the initiative results :

Xbox 360 Users Get the Shaft Again Oct 5th, 2007 by tenspeed Hide. straight off. Gears of War, the megahit Xbox360 biz that sold around 4 million copies during 2006 is going to the PC. After one yr, PC fans can instantly rejoice that they besides can engender the prospect to duke it out along with Marcus Fenix and the residual of Delta Squad. Do non personify alarmed, this habit merely comprise some run-of-the-mill larboard, rather, PC owners will represent treated to five young single-plaer chapters, three multiplayer arenas

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Frankly, non what I was looking for, but you might obtain it an interesting read .

Lotus Symphony is Windows software program of the hebdomad

On the modish Feb-08 sequence of Windows Weekly with Paul Thurrott, co-host Leo Laporte has picked Lotus Symphony as his Software of the Week ( at about 62 transactions ): Subjects covered in this instalment let in the horrendous Red River closed chain of dying on the XBox360, the Vista SP1 going topsy-turvydom I blogged about to begin with, the MicroHoo tidings, the hydrogen

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I decided to web log this termination under U.S. news show. Let me make out what you recall of this


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...The Xbox 360 controller just can't match the feel of a Sixaxis when hacking up demons. Again they bring up subjective arguments about the difference in the controllers, when a game lets users map the buttons, you can't claim one is ...'s guaranteed to wear out sooner rather than later. Even gorilla glue doesn't want to hold up as a repair. Let me know if/when this happens and I'll get the parts in the mail. I have two new actuator arms, just no good shaft. ...

...No, it doesn't disprove the notion that Xbox 360 is more attractive for third party software makers. But it shows that the inverse -- the idea that third parties will just get the shaft if they produce Wii software -- isn't true, ...

...Another reason why 360 users get the shaft is... hold on... wait for it... YOU GET TO FIGHT THE BRUMAK! On the 360, you only get to see the Brumak (a cross between Godzilla and the Madcat and a 1st World Nation's worth of armaments) ...

...seemed difficult for it to get them back up again. I noticed when the > targets were down (Before cycling the drop target solenoid 50 times) , > not completely, when the ball drained, the targets would reset fine. I ...

...Despite the fact that the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of Madden have taken a long leap beyond what the older consoles could deliver, EA has churned out yet another port of the PS2/Xbox/GC version of Madden for the PC in Madden NFL 08. ...

...If you have been playing for over three hours and the game play slows down, save and reboot your Xbox 360. This happens because the Xbox 360 does not have an efficient way of clearing its memory for new information. ...

...This is actually a screen shot of how UCF is represented in the new Electronics Arts title NCAA March Madness 2008 for the XBox 360. And to think, I used to be impressed with Double Dribble. (STEVE MULLIS)

...But by and by, especially with Bob off ill, he began to be increasingly bored with whooping the other guys’ asses at XBOX 360, and increasingly interested in the fan’s “creative” sides... And now he was hooked; sneaking onto his ...

...Get back in the Mako, and go to your map. You will see three native colonies. Go towards the one in the middle of the three. Then, go into the mining shaft, and proceed through the tunnels until you reach the end. ...


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